Improve your profitability with Pin bone removers from Exos

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Satisfaction guarantee

Because conditions vary for every processor, we understand that it is difficult to take an investment decision without having tested our equipment under real circumstances. We want, therefore, to give you a three weeks trial period to evaluate an Exos product in your own environment, with your own fish. If it doesn´t work to your satisfaction, simply return it to us and get a full refund.

"The new-generation pin bone removers from Exos is something really new on the market. Even for us (one of the larger processing companies in Finland) pinboning has been one of the most difficult tasks in our processing line for Trout - until now. The hand-held pinboners we bought are very fast and accurate. I know that our workers appreciate them as well. They are lightweight and comfortable and their handling is excellent. Moreover, the machines are easy to clean, and they only need a minimum of service."

Teemu Mattila
Product Manager