Exos-130 Pin bone remover launched

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Exos distributor in Iceland

Geiri ehf is now distributor in Iceland. Click here to contact



Japan Distributor

We are pleased to announce Nichimo Co. Ltd. in Tokyo as our new distributor for Exos in Japan. Click here to contact


US and Canada Distributor

We are pleased to announce Leitor Inc. in Seattle as our new distributor for Exos in the USA and Canada. Click here to contact



Speed world record in pin-boning

 3,2 seconds is what it takes for Exos A302 to pin-bone two fillets of Salmon. According to our knowledge this is the fastest performance in the world. More interesting though is that no gapping occurs and no bones are broken. With this result efficiency increase as processors not only can replace a 4-line automat saving floor-space, but also work more efficient with after control. With no broken bones the operators easily find the few bones that may be left and the processor can work more flexibly.



New distributor for Belgium and the Netherlands

Steen F.P.M International is now distributor for Exos´Pin bone removers in Belgium and The Netherlands. Steen is a very well reputed company within processing, supplying state of the art skinner machines for the fish industry.
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Exos awarded for A302

At the International Fisheries Exhibition 2008 in Reykjavik, Exos was awarded first prize in category Outstanding International Supplier Processing - Small company.

The judges chose Exos A302 pinboner for its ability to give higher yield, higher through-put and better quality.

Tim Hills (left), Advertisement Sales Manager of World Fishing presented the award to Anders Tärnström, CEO of Exos.

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Join forces with Exos

Exos has today a strong portfolio of equipment for pin-bone removal. We are now looking for new distributors for our competitive range of hand-held pin-bone removers. You should be a well-reputed company currently selling to small or medium-sized processors of salmonid fish species. You are used to very hands-on working, demonstrating equipment on site, and getting customers to fully appreciate the benefits of the products you are selling. Having your own service and maintenance organization is an important additional merit and will, of course, increase customer satisfaction and revenue even further. If you are interested in working with us, please contact Anders Tarnstrom.



Exos-220E makes success at Leader Creek Fisheries

Leader Creek Fisheries processes Wild Sockeye Salmon in Alaska. The company has got 10 processing lines operating with Carnitech pin bone automats and the after control used to employ 3 operators at each line. During the 5 week long season the company processes 2000 tons for the US and European market.


Last season Leader Creek Fisheries used singelheaded handhelds from another company for after control and were about to re-invest in 24 units in order to set up the plant for the season. John Lowrance explains: “We came across Exos equipment and got interested in the construction of the doublehead and the added speed it produces. I wanted to know more about the equipment and flew to the SPE show in Brussels to find out more. I was impressed by the equipment and the guys who run the company”.


Leader Creek Fisheries decided not to re-invest in old equipment. Instead they bought 11 units of Exos 220E; 10 units for daily work at the 10 lines plus 1 spare. It was not an easy decision; when the season is only 5 weeks long everything has to work perfect! “We knew the old equipment would do the job”, says John Lowrance, “but we had no guarantees for the Exos equipment and there was no way to evaluate the performance before the season was to start. We were attracted by the possibility of reducing staff by quick return on investment as well as the innovative design. Once the operators had used the Exos 220E they didn´t want to hold the old equipment anymore!”


Lotta Westerlund, Marketing & Sales Director at Exos AB explains: “We were of course anxious as we had never tried the equipment on Wild Sockeye Salmon before but we had confidence in the performance of the equipment. When the season started we got the feedback everything worked fine. Two weeks later I was called 4.40 Saturday morning by Leader Creek Fisheries. It was an emergency call as two of their units had suddenly stopped working! Our Technical Manager supported via mail and by Monday morning we had two new machines on an airplane. When they arrived 3 days later Leader Creek Fisheries had managed to solve the problem”.


The breakdown turend out to be a side-effect when Exos upgraded a cable and the assembly to the handle was made. “This fault has been taken care of in all our products and is history by now,” says Lotta Westerlund and continues; “we are very happy that the technical disturbances were possible to solve immediately and that the season turned out very well for Leader Creek Fisheries. They took a great risk, they believed in us and it worked out well; Leader Creek Fisheries could produce their high quality products, they got a quick return on investment and they can look forward to their next season with confidence. That is what is important for us”.


Exos AB gets Prize Award for environmental innovation

Exos AB won a place in the Swedish Miljöinnovation Prize national final held in January 2007. Miljöinnovation (environmental innovation) is an annual competition awarding technical innovation that contributes to a better environment and drives the development of a more sustainable society*. Exos gained this recognition for our patented and innovative technology that we have included in its state-of-the-art, A302 automated Salmon pin boning machine.

“We are very happy for the award and recognition – everybody knows the difficulties of running an efficient fish processing industry today. Pin boning especially is very often done manually which causes lots of global transports to low cost countries for processing – although the fish then is exported and transported back to the market where the fish once was farmed or caught. Exos’ new technique will help make processing operations more efficient and profitable. This not only makes for a better environment, it also supports the maintenance of local fishing and processing industries.


The market has shown a huge interest in our prototype of A302, the automat for Salmon and Trout. Tests have been made during the summer on Rainbow trout in Finland at Saaristomeren Kala OY and on Salmon at Sotra Seafood A/S, Norway. Both results proved very well and it was also possible to do encouraging comparisons to existing equipment by competitors. With no gapping and hardly any meat loss the bones were pulled out at good speed. By the end of this year we hope to deliver the first machines to be used in the industry.